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Different methods of payment for good and services that you buy do exist and you can use any according to where you are. The benefit of having a currency is that it eases the way we do business, if there was no currency, then it would be a nightmare to do business. Individuals are coming up with easier ways to do trading activities using their own made currency because the use of the common currency poses a lot of dimerits. One such currency that people have discovered is the use of bitcoins and this is a payment method that is normally done online using internet. 


In the bitcoins currency, there is no central regulation authority like we have for the other kinds of currency. Bitcoins are used by individuals to pay for goods and services via the internet. Learn more about bitcoins at Bitcoin Market Journal. Bitcoins if held by for a while, they give a return on investment to you. Bitcoins exist mostly in the internet, but there is actually some tangible coins that you can feel and touch. Business people who operate online are enough opting for this kind of bitcoins currency because of the many benefits that come about with it.


Bitcoins offer freedom of transacting from any location and with whoever you want. This currency is not affected by the normal working hours in banks and the like. Data about a transaction are available and thus fraud is minimized. Another advantage of bitcoins currency is that it is free from disruptions that the government can cause.


 Carrying out transactions using bitcoins accordingly with are free of charge this no additional costs for business. However, there is an option for inclusion of some fees in case you want your transaction to be given priority, the higher the amount the higher the priority it will get. The perils that are involved in the use of other currency are absent in bitcoin currency, no personal information is given therefore a transaction cannot be backtracked to you.


For the bitcoins, there is  a public ledger where the customer can confirm what amount you sold a product to him and this minimizes the incidents of fraud and the like, bitcoins is therefore very secure. Due to the fact that there are no personal details required from you when making a purchase or a sale using bitcoins, then there are no possibilities for someone posing to  be you and  defrauding the buyer or a seller. Bitcoins are usually low key in that there is no interference by the federal government in any way. Security also comes in in that you can  encrypt the bitcoin currency and thus will be harder for someone else to commit theft and use it.


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